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Gwen’s Business Corner with Deonta B is a Multimedia Platform with a focus on educating, entertaining and inspiring viewers with transparent educational interviews. GBC is designed to provide an informative platform consisting of entrepreneurs, business professionals, celebrities and independent artist/contractors. The vision of GBC is to provide business owners and entertainers with the resources, tools, plus the education that is needed to assist them to elevate in their business.

  • Diverse guests from various business markets
  • Business Resources you can apply at home
  • Relatable content for all
  • Unmatched talent from our hosts
  • Real life busines crash course every episode

The Hosts

Dr Gwennetta Wright

Holding no limits in her entrepreneurial endeavors, business acquisitions, and success; Dr. Gwennetta Wright continues to defy the odds in expansion as a media host, business executive and woman of color. She holds a Doctorate degree in Humanitarianism and has grossed over 11 million dollars in sales and service as an entrepreneur, as well as, has been awarded numerous awards including 3 Humanitarian acknowledgments.

Dr. Wright is a published author providing expertise in finance, tax relief, business development and more to readers abroad. She is a tax educator and professional with over 17 years of experience, innovative business strategist with keen eye for real estate investing. Gwennetta prides herself on being able to give back throughout her journey to our future leaders and business professionals with her mentorship and youth leadership programs offered.

Deonta Blount

A former AFL cheerleader, Deonta Blount is an Award-Winning Serial Entrepreneur who prides herself on her passion to lead and succeed in her career endeavors. She has a decade in experience as a talk show tv and radio personality. Deonta B fosters a 22-year career in the entertainment field to include theatre, film, model, voice over, commercial, and a fluent red-carpet host alongside some of your favorite celebrities and actress. Charismatic and determined long-term business savvy, Deonta B holds an extensive background in elite tax services with over a decade operations management. She has also taken her powerhouse industry expertise a step further as entertainment trainer and producer. Deonta is a true definition of holding no boundaries or boxes toward accomplishments and success with a degree career in Psychology and Nursing that is utilized even in her current business organization endeavors. Deonta B is a Co-founder of Non-Profit Organization Reach 4 Your Dreamz Inc with mentorship programs and philanthropy events that allows her most precious reward of service to include feeding thousands year after year.

The Media Team

No show is possible without a team of talented individuals driving it forward. Our show is filmed by none other the Modish Stills a production company making its mark on the culture of black media. The correspondence team helps us bring the latest in the business landscape to our viewers..

Terrence Flower

His talent allows him to not only capture images but energy as well. His unique ability to catch the essence of a subject while telling a story is what makes him a champion videographer.

Jasmine J-Su

As a GBC correspondent, she has her ear to the public. Jasmine knows what questions to ask, what events to cover, and has amazing synergy with the hosts.

David Daniels

His approach to directing and producing a show is nothing short of masterful. David’s ability to highlight and bring attention to details sets him apart in his field.

Tiffany Wright

She has a get it done mentality. Tiffany is the definitiion of a team player. The staff considers her the glue of the team quarterbacking every show.